There Are Jobs, And There Are Trades

If you are looking to secure a career in an essential field, here are some options.


While a pandemic forced many into unemployment, for others, work continued as usual. These jobs take place away from the typical city-centric, desk bound market many have been groomed to seek out. In fact, there are not only jobs that never shut down, there are openings, even in today’s crazy atmosphere.


Perhaps, for many young people, the best path no longer lies in the college to career trajectory promoted for so long. Now, more than ever, the value of a quality trade is evident.

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Ironically, much of society never realized how much it valued skilled trades until a pandemic hit, and those with a trade were among the only ones working. Of course, some states were affected more than others. In every state, however, there were a few key industries that never stopped.


To someone looking at options for the future, these might be a better choice than a marketing gig with a tech company. These are just a few ideas for pandemic proof careers.


Truck Driver


Here’s one that was glaringly evident in its importance during the height of the pandemic. Freight trucks and their drivers are the lifeblood of the economy, and there is always a demand for good drivers. No matter what else shuts down, the trucks must go on if the country is to survive. That is pretty good job security.




We are a society dependent upon electricity. So much so that a couple of hours without it seems like a major inconvenience. Take the power away, and millions of people will be sitting in the dark staring at a blank computer screen. Be the person who restores the power, and you will always be in demand.


Construction: Framer, Electrician, Plumber


People kept building, even in the height of the pandemic. A little foresight shows life returning to normal at some point, so life plans didn’t come to a screeching halt. Homes and businesses are always under construction, renovation, and repair.


Any trade included in this process will always provide for one’s family. There is also a trend among construction trades to become self-employed, taking the skills learned and starting one’s own business or company.




Farmers and ranchers never shut down. No matter what. Work on a farm or ranch continues despite the season, the weather, the state of the economy. It must go on, or the rest of the world starves. Go to any rural area in any part of the country and be willing to work, and someone will hire you. Guaranteed.


Stop Job Searching. Find a Trade.


From those who grow our food to those who deliver it, from those who build our homes to those who keep the lights on—there is always work happening. And there is always work to be had, for those who look. These industries are constantly hiring, and many of them offer excellent pay.


The investment needed on your part is also virtually non existent. Some trades ask that you provide your own hand tools, and you will definitely want your own Cat Cooler while on the job. However, this is far less than the cost of a college degree. Even a trade that requires schooling is inexpensive to enter. In fact, you often get paid while you learn.


Hopefully, young generations will realize the current system of career preparation is flawed. This is especially clear when so many of those careers can become expendable seemingly overnight. It might be time we begin to value the ability to do a valuable job over the ability to procure a diploma. Perhaps, after the year of 2020, we will have learned not only what jobs are essential, but why.


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Author Joe Pinson