Make sure your cooler works as hard as you do.

 Ice Retention

Cat® Coolers introduces the Blue Collar cooler. 

The only cooler to feature thermo-chromatic interior.

Blue Collar Cooler warm

The warm cooler appears white in the interior. 

Blue Collar Cooler with ice added beginning

You can see after just a few minutes the interior begins to change color. 

This feature lets you know at a glance that If the cooler is blue, the drinks are cold.

Blue Collar Cooler after 5 Minutes

After 10 Minutes the temperature of the interior is falling and visible 

When the cooler is closed you can still see that the interior is cold.

Make your ice last longer

By keeping the cooler closed for longer periods it maximizes the ice retention.

Blue Collar Cooler after 15 minutes

The temperature is beginning to reach the edges allowing for the temperature to be observed while the lid is closed. 

Longer Ice retention means your beverages are as cold at the end of the week as they are at the end.

Blue Collar Coolers still cold but empty


This is upgraded feature is currently available on all 27 QT and 55 QT Cat coolers.  Look for this feature to be added to 88 quart Cat coolers later this spring.