How to get the most from your ice Retention

How to increase ice retention on your Cat® cooler - 5 - 7 Day Cooler

Cat Coolers 88qt

Cat Coolers are high performing right out of the box, but if you are wanting to go to the next level, and get the absolute most out of your ice, here are a few tips.

  1. Reduce the surface area of the ice – use block or large cubes to reduce the surface area of the ice itself.

  2. Pre-chill the cooler – An easy way to do this is to freeze a gallon jug of water and place in the cooler 12-24 hours before loading your contents.

  3. Minimize the amount of open space in the cooler. When loading your cooler fill it as full as possible to eliminate air within the cooler.

  4. Pre-freeze water bottles, meats, etc that will thaw well. Hint: Don’t freeze the strawberries unless you want them as an ice cream topping.

  5. Place the cooler in the shade. Whenever possible keep the cooler out of direct sunlight

  6. Keep the cooler closed. The less the cooler is opened the longer the ice will last. If you have a Blue Collar cooler use the blue stripe indicator to verify the temp without opening the cooler.

  7. Extra bit - If you have a Blue Collar series cooler the edge just below the lid will be blue as long as the interior of the cooler is below 50 degrees. 


We hope these tips will provide you with the longest possible ice retention. Use the extra long lasting ice to stay another day at the campground, make an extra memory and enjoy one more moment.

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How to get 5 days or more from your cooler