How to Make a custom cooler? Try it in 3D

How To Make A Custom Cooler

Cat® coolers are heavy duty and all hard coolers are made in the USA. We are focused on giving the customer a great product with a great experience. Our American made, premium coolers, are the most durable coolers on the market. Injection molded, using no break polypropylene, make these cooler wall consistent and maximize ice retention. We offer in house laser etching on our tumblers to ensure a quick delivery for you, your event, or just in time gift. You are not required to order large minimums, or any minimum. We offer single cooler custom graphics, just upload your image to the lid of the cooler.


Cooler Customer Chosen Colors

Cat coolers is the only cooler that gives the power to the customer. Just choose the cooler size you want, on the "Custom Cooler Builder" on the home page. Second, click the customize button to be brought to the cooler configurator. One here you can choose the lid color, base color or if you would like the blue collar option on your cooler. Once you're happy with your color choice, proceed to check out. When we receive the order your cooler will be built the next business day. If you did not add a lid graphic , it will also ship that day. If you did add a lid graphic, it is usually three days to ship the cooler. In most cases you should receive your new cooler within 7 business days.


Cooler with Custom Logo

Adding your custom logo to the lid is as simple as uploading an image. Choose any cooler and click the customize button to bring you to the Cat Cooler Configurator. Choose your color combination, and then choose lid view. There is an "Add Graphic" logo on the left of the cooler image. By clicking this you can upload you custom logo or image to your cooler design.


Tumbler with Custom Logo

Many of the steps used for the lid graphic option on the cooler is the same for the tumblers. Choose your stainless drinkware 32 ounce, 22 ounce, or 64 ounce. Choose "add Graphic", then upload your logo or image. Your image will be converted to black and white when we receive the order.

Recommendations for logo or image choices:

Big and bold - Choose images that have clear color changes or black outlines between colors.

Bigger is better - A large file over 1mb but less than 10mb is recommended. Generally this means don't copy and paste an image from a website.

No Trademarks unless you have the right to use them - Really pretty simple don't use material you don't own or have permission to use.


Cooler Accessories

To maximize your coolers potential, consider adding accessories. On 55 and 88 quart coolers a wheel kit can make the moving of loaded coolers convenient. Cat coolers are designed to use dividers, making it simple to divide your cooler into 2 or 3 sections (not available on 27qt) Dry goods baskets fit into the top of the base of the cooler to give a safe and dry place to keep items cool.